Parrots come almost at first place when it comes to pet birds. When given a choice of pet birds to have, many people prefer t have a parrot. Parrots are a favorite because of many reasons. They are intelligent and are easy to train. Another reason as to why people prefer to have parrots is because they have a high life span, sometimes as much as fifty years. Because of this reason, parrots can be lifelong companions.

When it comes to parrots cages, you must remember that there is a quite a degree of information that you need to get hold of. First and foremost, what you must ascertain is what exactly the breed of the parrot is. This would help you see what kind of parrots cages that you need to purchase. At the end of the day you need to ensure that you get hold of parrots cages that are the right size. You cannot for instance have small cages for big birds; this would probably be enough evidence to get you convicted for animal cruelty.

When considering the right type of food for parrots you also need to be mindful of what they would generally consume out there in the wild. Finding a diet that best suits their natural diet is best and will help avoid health complications. The shopping list for food for parrots must contain a variety of items but in the case of vegetables and fruits it is essential that they are as fresh as possible. And this means they are likely to go bad much sooner and must be removed within a couple of hours of being served. Avoid letting them feed on servings that have gone bad. If for any reason your pet parrot is not eating what you serve, try giving food for parrots during morning or evening hours. This is because those times correspond well with the times they forage for food out there in the wild.

Birds have associated with man from early ages and as a result have become one of man’s most favored pets of all time. Out of birds too, there are a select few who make good pets. Parrots come at the top of the list when it comes to domestic pet birds. Many Americans as well as people all over the world show a particular liking towards parrots and keep them as pets. There are many varieties or species when it comes to parrots. While some of these species are quite rare, there are some, such as green parrots, which are quite abundant in nature. Because of this reason, green parrots are the ones which are mostly used as pets. Green parrots are one of the few species of parrots which can mimic sounds when they are trained.

There is going to come a time when you will need to bring your parrot to the veterinarian. Whether it's for a well check or if you clip their feathers or there's something wrong with your parrot friend, you need to have a god veterinarian. But your regular veterinarian who specializes in more mainstream pets (dogs and cats) probably isn't the best medical care you can provide for your parrot. You take your child to a doctor who specializes in pediatrics, right? When you have a problem with your heart you see a Cardiologist. Well, the same is true of your parrot. You will want to find him an avian veterinarian (a veterinarian who specializes in birds).