Tropical Fish : Tank Basics

Aquarium fish are like pets and you have to know what you’re doing and this article will cover one of the basics : what to look for when buying tropical fish, this article will cover the tank. Look for a tank that is big enough to store the tropical fish you want (keep note that some fish need bigger tanks as they need more place, so do your homework !) I’d suggest to go for a bigger tank because having some extra room for your tropical fish always a good idea. When you’re in the store make sure to take some extra equipment with you cause you’ll need it. I suggest getting the following equipment for your tank: Continue reading “Tropical Fish : Tank Basics”

Bird House Building

Birds are great additions to your backyard. Putting up bird houses is an excellent way to attract them. However, not all birds opt to nest in bird houses. Birds differ in their habitat preferences and only cavity-dwellers are probably interested in the bird shelters in your backyard. As it is, these cavity-dwellers also have their own specifications about the kind of house they like. These are minor measurements or feature issues but they are important for the birds. However, there are general guidelines in building these houses. Continue reading “Bird House Building”

How to Properly Care for Your Fish Pond

If you’re planning to build a landscape at your own
yard, it wouldn’t be complete without an oasis of
calming effects – a fish pond. Imagine coming home
bushed up with your tiring day and you just wanted to
sit by your pond and breathe a sigh of relief.
Relaxing isn’t it? Although, you can’t take it all up.
There are things that you have to think of regarding
the proper care and maintenance of your fish pond. Continue reading “How to Properly Care for Your Fish Pond”

How to Keep Predator Fish

Many people like to have fish for pets because they are low maintenance, and can be very relaxing to watch them swim. Most first time fish enthusiast like to keep cold water fish, because they are cheap and most of the different types of these fish will get along together. These fish have some bright colors and have some very fancy fins, but they are mostly large goldfish, and eventually switch to tropical fish to get a larger selection of fish. But keeping tropical fish can be a bit of a gamble, the fish cost more and some of them are very aggressive and will eat your other fish. Continue reading “How to Keep Predator Fish”